Important Things to Remember from the Town of Pinetops

E-911 Address vs. Mailing Address
There is a difference between your mailing address and your E-911 physical address. In Pinetops your mailing address is most likely a post office box where you receive mail. Your E-911 address is the exact physical address where your property is located. It is used to assist emergency services such as police, fire, and rescue services in finding you and providing assistance to you in a timely manner. In addition GPS applications like Mapquest, Google Maps, and others, use these E-911 addresses to assist carriers like Fed-ex, UPS, and the general public to find your house.

The Town ordinance requires you to post your E-911 address so that it is visible from the street. The house numbers are to be no less than 4 inches high. Your E-911 address was assigned to your property by the Town of Pinetops and should match your utility bill, tax bill, and driver's license address.

PLEASE! Do not pour grease or cooking oil in your drain lines. 
Once the grease cools in the drain line of your kitchen or bathroom, it hardens and prevents the flow of water. Repairs can be costly to you and the Town. Let it cool and place it in the trash can. PLEASE! Help save our environment.

Repairing Water Leaks
Repairing water leaks, no matter how small, will save you money on your water and sewer bills. You will not be paying for water and sewer that you do not use. Town policy allows for one (1) adjustment per year for leaks once they are repaired. All water usage on the customer side of the meter is your responsibility. A leaking toilet can cost you $50 or $100 a year.