Proposed Wellhead Protection Plan for 2014

In 1968, Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA) amendments added Section 1428. "State Programs to Establish Wellhead Protection Areas", which requires each state to develop a program to "protect wellhead areas within their jurisdiction from contaminants which may have any adverse affects on the health of persons."  The term wellhead protection area is defined in the law as "the surface and subsurface area surrounding a water well or well field, supplying a public water system, through which contaminants are reasonably likely to move toward and reach such water well or well field."  North Carolina's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP) provides technical support to local governments and public water supply systems in their endeavors to develop and implement their own Wellhead Protection Plans.

Click here to view the Proposed Wellhead Protection Plan for the Town of Pinetops.