Recycling Supports 15,000 North Carolina Jobs

The Town provides recycling collections on Tuesdays. The BLUE cart is for recycling materials and should be at the curb with the front of the cart facing the street (when the lid is open it should fall back toward the house) by 7am on Tuesdays. The cart must have a 3 foot clearance on all sides with no bags on the ground and the lid closed. Please remove bottle caps before placing them in the cart and pour out any liquid in the bottles or cans. The Town can recycle the following items.

Paper-Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, phone books, paper bags, cardboard boxes, letters, and catalogues (2in. or less)

Plastic-#1 and #2 plastic containers (look on the bottom to identify)

Metals-All metal cans (no pie pans, foils or pressurized cans)

Glass-Clear, brown or green bottles, jars or plates. No drinking glasses, stemware, light bulbs, mirrors or window panes.