The Pines Newsletter 2012

FALL- What a beautiful Fall it has been. We get to watch those falling leaves "drift by our windows".Then we get to go out and clean up our yards.

Reminders for handling yard waste - DON'T mix anything in with leaves and limbs and do not put leaves in plastic bags. Please rake them into piles beside the street or on the curb, not in the street. There are some who will deliberately drive through a pile of leaves in the street just to make a bigger mess. Also, you should not put yard waste in your garbage cart or recycling bin. Put all other items you wish to discard in separate piles.

RECYCLING BINS- Blue recycling pins are for recycling only- Not regular garbage. If you are not sure about what items you can recycle we will be glad to give you a list.

GREASE - Don't pour grease down drains. It will eventually clog up the drain and cause sewer back - ups.

Community Activities - Deliverance Temple Christian Center located at 302 S. 2nd St., in Pinetops will be holding two Homebuyer Education Classes to help those interested in becoming a home buyer learn what it really takes to become a homeowner and financially informed. Workshops are scheduled for: November l't, at 5:30PM and November sth, at 5:30PM. Certificates will be given to participants that attend both sessions. These workshops are being sponsored by the Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corp. PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BY CALLING 442-8553

With winter approaching and as temperatures get colder, a lot of us will crank our cars then return inside, while we wait for it to warm up. Please exercise caution when doing this. Remember, it only takes a thief a few seconds to steal a vehicle.

Also, you should keep your vehicles locked at all times. Don't leave any items in plain sight. Don't make it easy for a thief to steal from you.

November 22nd & 23rd for Thanksgiving
December 24th, 25th, 26th for Christmas

Dates for garbage & recycling pick-ups will be announced later for these days.


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