Newsletter - March 2010


Town of Pinetops March 2010

Is it over yet? Has winter finally gone? Weather forecasters say it has, but according to the calendar spring does not officially arrive until Saturday. It will be welcome whenever it gets here. This was the coldest winter on record for our area. During one stretch we had 17 days in a row when the temperature did not get above 34.  We have several items that we need to make our customers aware of. These are listed below.

WATER LINE PROJECT – The water line project that has been in progress over the last several months is nearing completion. If you live in an area where new water lines have been installed, let us know if you see something that needs attention – i.e. – holes that need to be filled in or seeding for grass.

CENSUS – The Census Bureau is in the process of delivering forms to all residents for the purpose of recording all the people living in your house. You are required by law to complete and return these forms as soon as possible. The Pinetops and Tarboro Libraries are offering assistance in completing the form if you need help.

911 ADDRESSES & HOUSE NUMBERS - If you live outside the Town limits of Pinetops and are on the Town’s water line, please get your 911 address to us if you have not already done so. If you reside in the Town limits it is very important that you display your house number. This is vital information in case of an emergency when you may need rescue or law enforcement. The time saved in rescue or law enforcement locating your residence could save a life.

PINEVIEW CEMETERY – The Pinetops United Methodist Church has given the cemetery behind Pinetops Baptist Church to the Town. We will be responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery and the sale of lots. If you already own lots and don’t want the Town to cut the grass on your lot, please contact us right away. If you wish to purchase a lot/lots contact the Town Hall and we will be glad to assist you.

MEALS ON WHEELS – We need some Meals on Wheels volunteers to deliver meals in Pinetops. It only takes about 20 minutes and it is such a rewarding experience. If you are interested give us a call.