Newsletter - May 2010

THE PINES May 2010

Summer like days are making an appearance already. If last week is a sign of things to come it’s gonna be a hot summer. Remember some energy saving tips: Keep curtains and blinds closed to the sun. Set your air conditioning at 78 degrees and leave it there. Make sure cracks around doors and windows are well sealed to keep the cool air in. Use your microwave or slow cooker as much as possible instead of using your stove. We have more energy saving tips at the Town Hall.

Included with this newsletter is a copy of our annual water report. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this report.

Due to rising cost of chemicals and required testing of the town’s water and sewer, rates will be increased effective with the June 1, 2010, billing. The increase will range from 3% to 10% depending on water usage. Those using less will see a smaller increase than those who use large quantities of water. Rate schedules are available at Town Hall.

A number of our customers have a water meter that they use just for watering lawns, gardens, washing cars, etc. Due to regulations that have been established by the State of N. C., any one that has a separate meter for watering must have a Back Flow Prevention Device installed as a safety precaution. This rule applies to any meter that has been installed regardless of how long it has been in place. These devices are fairly expensive. Because of this, separate meters without backflow preventers will be removed by October 1, 2010. If you have an in ground irrigation system, you must have a Back Flow Prevention Device installed if you have not already done so. Formore information on this, you can contact our office.

Beginning June 1, the town will pick up bulky items only one time per week. This includes old appliances, TV’s, mattresses, furniture, boards, and other items that are not discarded in the garbage cart or recycling bin. Items need to be placed out by the street on Thursdays no later than 8:00 a.m. Call the Town Hall at 827-4435 to let us know if you have something for pick up. If you have paint cans that still have wet paint in them, the best way to dispose of them is to remove the lid and put some sand or Cat Litter in the can. This will absorb the wet paint. Once the can is dry dispose of it by putting it in the garbage cart.

REMINDER: Utility bills are due the 15th of the month in which you receive it. Final date for payment to avoid service being cut off is the 25th of the month by 5:00 P.M. Cut-offs begin the morning of the 26th.

Example – Bill date – June 1, 2010 Due date – June 15, 2010 - Final payment date – June 25, 2010 –Cut off- June 26, 2010

Town Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

The Town Hall and Utilities Department will be closed on Monday, May 31st. Garbage will be picked up on

Tuesday and Recycling will be picked up onWednesday.